Vinny Rogers

Years as a Kendall player: 2003-2007 (inclusive)

Best memory on the field: Alan Gordon gave me so many....from not making up his mind whether to control the ball with his leg or stomach, and doing neither and getting hit in the boabie, to trying the unorthodox technique of not trying to save the ball with the inside palm of his hand, as is conventional, but instead trying to save it by pointing his fingers straight at the ball during a warm up (dislocated fingers). Over 30's was never dull with that chap. In saying all that, Donal Keane running round in a circle like a rabid benny hill, trying to catch the opponent who had flying kicked him is probably my favourite.

Worst memory on the field: Shouting at Dennis Cunningham in pure anger at the top of my voice "f*** off Dennis, you fat ****!". On a Sunday. On fathers day. Whilst his partner and small child sat watching at the side of the field. Truly and deeply, still ashamed.

Best memory off the field: Johnny o toole throwing up out my car window on the way out of new york. It was nose to tail with traffic and it lasted for about 10 minutes.

Worst memory off the field: Michael Kiziuk in various cities, but especially new york.

Favourite Kendall player and why: Probably Matt Armstrong. Two games to go in the league and he throws a shoe at an opponent which results in a red card, a 3 points deduction and any chance of winning the league goes. Next season he turns up happy as larry as if it never happened. The balls on that boy. I have nothing but admiration.

Favourite Kendall quote:
"Thats Justice with a capital J!" - Jayo Kelly after opponent misses dubious penalty award.
"Justice doesnt begin with G" - well meaning, helpful opponent in reply
"I said f*ckin' J, as in Jaw which is what im gonna f*ckin break!" - Jayo Kelly, as opponent slowly backs away......

Where are you now: doing now: Not much...same boring computer stuff, except in a colder country
Living: Edinburgh
Ball: Temporarily retired

Recollections from team mates

John O'Toole

My best memory of him on the field is probably when he approached Donal as Donal was getting ready to take a penalty after an opposition player had thought he had heard a whistle and picked the ball up in the penalty area. He starts walking towards Donal, stops, turns around, stops again, turns around again and walks up to Donal as Donal is placing the ball on the spot. Donal greets him with an angry "What?".

Vinny replies "Oh I was just gonna say originally that you should probably miss this on purpose but then I thought they wouldn't do the same for us so I was just going to say you should probably just score it".

There was also the unfortunate time when his excuse for missing the game v the Junction was he had to go shopping.

Nickname was the Buttler (with two Ts).