Steve Kenny

Years as a Kendall player: 12 years

Best memory on the field: Beating MOA 3-2 at Bunker Hill fuck knows what year it was ! it was Brian Mc Cormack's first game he played left back and was outstanding ! MOA were I think second and we were near the bottom. There was a kid called Emo that played for the club for a few years he was tremendous I think it was his second game for us he ran rings round MOA. I remember hugging Chris Craven you'd think we had won the Lottery....great day.

Worst memory on the field: Going down to Div 2 after we missed a penalty...if we scored we would have ended staying up....who missed the pen ?....remember the Dutch Master "Arry A" that's how we pronounced his name I was gutted!

Best memory off the field: Giles explaining how much shagging he was going to do with his new Mercedes....he was dead serious ! and Marty Collins explaining "Triangles" to me regarding midfield passing movements.

Worst memory off the field: Not getting picked for the Final v Busy Bee. Tommy was the manager then he called me at work and told me I was picked, then he called later and changed his mind I felt I deserved a place.

Favourite Kendall player and why: There's two really for me Jim Shaw and Marc Archer two guys who gave a "Balls for Glory" approach to every game

Favourite Kendall quote:
"What's that smell!?" - Donal's car

Where are you now: Re located to Wilmington NC 5 years ago. Self Employed small business owner. Stopped playing last year to concentrate on Triathlon training.