George "Langer" Langendorf

Years as a Kendall player: 3-ish

Best memory on the field: cup final was great, but for some reason play that sticks with me is in a game near the end of the season where we hadn't lost in ages (maybe all season) but we were down one nil in the second half. I beat a guy down the left side to the endline and cross it back to about the penalty spot. It doesn't look like anyone is going to be there but then Vinnie goes horizontal and buries a diving header into the upper corner. Can't say why but this is my favorite wanderers goal. I think it was just a fearless ballsy fucking goal.

Worst memory on the field:

Best memory off the field: Very tough call. Contenders include winning a golf scramble with Donal, Tallon and McCormick; drinking with Quinner and ending up at a party with the Boston Breakers; attending Colin's play with large group of unruly wanderers. However if pressed I would have to go with being asked by Donal, on behalf of his mom, to come up with some contraband and then smoking same with the two of them. RUnner up to Quinner entering Kendall after the cup final and spraying innocent customers with champagne.

Worst memory off the field: Esch told some girl I was gay while I was in the bathroom, then proceeded to take her home. This is also one of the best memories, however, particularly in that if memory serves she (predictably) turnout out to be bat-shit crazy.

Favourite Kendall player and why: Close call. Big fan of Quinner for his habit of taking public transportation to the games, which led to him walking onto the field from odd angles, pack over his shoulder like the Highlander appearing out of the mist. Also big fan of Vinnie, who did most of the tackling in mid-field so I didn't have to. Big fan of Mike Tallon and Donal "one for the road" Keane and Mike McCormick, for obvious reasons. But in the end I'd go with John O'toole. I just liked the sight of him waiting for a ride to practice with his kit bag and a big grin on his face.

Favourite Kendall quote: Easy one.
"You're messing with the wrong Boy!" - Mike McCormack

Where are you now:I'm out in San Francisco now and have a couple little boys (future wanderers) keeping me busy.