Jonathan Kelliher

Jonathan Kelliher Dave Grohl
Name: Jonathan Kelliher
Position: Off-side
Occupation: Hair band designer
Greatest Achievement: Making it home alive after the Christmas Party 2006
Nationality: Irish-American
Status: Somewhere under the thumb
Supports Man Ure (when it suits him!)
Favorite Player(s): Handsome Johnny Law
Least likely to say: "Good spot assistant ref I was in an off-side position when the ball was played. Also I would like to apologize to my team mates for not passing the ball. I thought I could beat their 11 players on my own- My bad. One more thing ref, that was a good call, the center half didn't touch me. I took a dive, maybe if you gave me a yellow card it would prevent me from performing such an act in the future."
Most likely to say: "Off-side my ass - you cant be off-side from a thrown-in!"

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