Andy Sumner

Nick Lachey Andrew Sumner
Name: Andrew Sumner (no relation to Bernard of New Order fame)
Position: Upfront, down the middle, on the wing. any-feffing where.
Occupation: Cutting scope from architects and ruining their dreams.
Greatest Achievement: Leaving the Ruskies to join the mighty Kendall third team.
Nationality: English to the core
Status: About to move in with the bird, so no more strip bars.
Supports Blackburn Rovers - pre Walker billions and King Kenny.
Favorite Player: Killer, because he even makes Andy look quick off the mark.
Least likely to say: Give me the ball, I am going to slam this penalty into the top corner for my eigth success in a row.
Most likely to say: Ah fuck, I missed another feffing penalty.

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