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Kendall Wanderers 'A' 1 - 0 Spartak

Match Statistics

BSSL Division One
Sudbury, MA
Kickoff Time:
2 pm
Pitch Conditions:
Not sure to be honest...
Team Lineup:
John O'Toole, Mark Smethers, Mark Brett, Gerry Daly, Darren Skehan, Matt Scheufele, Kevin Gorham, Kieran Reid, David Kelledy, Jonah Fontela, Ian Sinclair, Matt Armstrong, Barry Roche, Shane McElwee, Marcus Russell, Paddy Curran (injured but there)
Not sure to be honest...
Team Formation:
4-4-2 (I think)
Goal Scorers:
Matt Scheufele
Davy Kelledy
Man of the Match:
Matt Scheufele

If you are interested in reading an amusing match report then stop reading now...its been two months since the game was played and I am only doing it now because Daz is acting all high and mighty after writing his report in one day. I too should obviously spend all my day in Starbucks. For an amusing report may I suggest you instead take a moment and (re)visit Decaf's classic from the Married v Singles game last season.

Some gems in there including "Poor Seamus had to endure the Vinny Rodgers hair dryer treatment in what was the start of a bad week for Seamus and his dry cleaner." and "After defrosting over pizza and pints in officially the WORST pub in Boston - I'd recommend the Corona with floating toilet paper - the festivities continued long into the AM". That second one is true actually. I ordered a Corona and it looked like it had a piece of either toilet paper or used chewing gum in it. The one behind the bar reassured me it was a lime albeit a "dry one". (Well she didn't actually say albeit). Dry one my hole. I was thirsty and she didn't look like one I should be back-answering so I finished it as the rest of the lads took bets on what it was. After hearing some of the revolting guesses put forward I was actually relieved it was "just" toilet paper. I think I switched over to whatever was in the pitcher after that.

Anyway, back to this match.

Kendall A notched their second 1-0 win of the season thanks to a hard-fought victory over Spartak Framingham. Kendall were missing quite a few players from the previous week's win over MIT but were still able to field a strong squad of 15.

Kendall started very brightly and deservedly went 1-0 up after 20 minutes thanks to a great goal by Matt Scheufele after a lovely move down the Kendall left. Chopper Reid played a nice ball in behind the Spartak full back for Davy Kelledy to whip in a great cross. Matt Scheufele, not for the first time, stuck his head where the boots were flying and connected with a great diving header which gave the Spartak keeper no chance.

Kendall continued to press after the opening goal with Matt Scheufele and Mark Smethers playing great stuff down the right wing. Marcus came in to give Gumsey and Chopper a breather in the middle and settled in immediately. Mark "Aint no doubt, it plain to see A woman like yous no good for me" Brett had to leave the field with a hamstring injury but Rochey was able to slide in behind Gerry with minimal disruption.

Kendall were doing their best work down the right where Mark Smethers and Matt Scheufele were linking up very nicely both in attack and defence. A few more chances cames and were squandered with the score remaining 1-0 at the half.

The second half was a different story. Spartak were reduced to 10 men but this seemed to spur them on and they started to put Kendall under some very heavy pressure. The best Spartak chance came when a free kick from the edge of the box hit the post and rebounded to safety.

Kendall had to rely on some heroic defending from Rochey, Gerry, Daz, Mark Smethers and the Jimmy Nail to hold on during a nervous last 10 minutes.

Man of the match: Chopper and Mark Smethers turned in excellent performances but man of the match goes to Matt Scheufele whose great goal capped off a fine overall performance where the Scheufele Shuffle was on full display going forward and the Scheufele Slide was in full effect when tracking back to help out his full back.

By: John O'Toole

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